Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Back Up And Punt!

Alright, I personally believe that after a week and a half in the zone that I never want to go back. So I'm going Primal instead. This is a book by Mark Sisson which details how "primitive" man used to live and eat. It's an interesting take on evolution if you believe in that stuff, but the point isn't his beliefs. It's the logic behind weight loss.

Basically it all comes down to insulin.

His approach is a little more user friendly than that of the zone. In the zone, you have to measure your food to very particular proportions for every meal based on your size and gender. Then, you have to eat at regular intervals without skipping or going out of the proportions. I believe that some people have it in them to follow this method, but I don't.

Primal is much simpler. Keep the carbs below 100 grams a day and you loose weight. This prevents your body from producing too much insulin and you packing on pounds. I will probably add in a "refeeding" day once a week to keep my body guessing and the weight coming off.

3 lbs off, 22 to go!

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