Monday, May 23, 2011

We All Play Games

For those of you who are wondering, this is game. Minecraft specifically.

This guy plays political games. It just so happens that he has to deal with Whitewalkers and dragons, but they are still games.

Or if you are one of the losers of this world (don't feel bad, I've been there) you've played this game.

Game is everything that human beings do. It's when you approach women. It's when your boss tells you to get it done. It's when you come home and blog about the crap you've done. Ultimately, it's you trying to fill your time with something meaningful to you.

So back to my first image. I was playing Minecraft the other night in an attempt to get work off my mind. Minecraft is a wonderful game. You get dumped in the middle of nowhere with nothing but the clothes on your back and an arm that can cut through anything given a few hours. The best part is that at night, all the monsters come out and eat you alive. Exploding penis monsters and everything. I don't personally like dying because of exploding penis's, so I decided to build a tower. A giant tower in the middle of freaking nowhere. Why? That's what a game is.

Games are you trying to master your environment. I built a tower (I literally couldn't build it any bigger). Other guys I know built a business where they teach you to sleep with beautiful women. The problem is that in order to build anything, you need materials. My materials happened to be Obsidian because exploding penis monsters can't blow up Obsidian. What did my friends use?

(Comfort - Break Rapport) + Qualification + Sexual Escalation

Those are their raw materials. Pure and simple, that is game with women. Everything else is just techniques to get these things done.

My first night spent with the guys at the house, my instructor's name was Cary. Great little Asian guy. You literally don't know he's hitting on you til your standing in his bedroom wondering how you got there. If you ever wondered, yes he has a mohawk. So how do you build comfort with a woman? Well, first you have to meet them. That's what Cary showed me.

This is called opening. There are 4 types of openers. Functional < Compliment < Observational < Introduction

Functional - when you need to ask where the bathroom is and you say something
Compliment - notice something nice and you say something
Observational - notice something interesting and you say something
Introduction - someone already knows you, says your name for you, and you say something

They occur in that order, because as you approach the top of that list, you find it harder to transition off the opener to something that will start to build comfort.

My first target with a decent opener was a woman standing in front of a bar on 4th street. It was a 3 set and I was freaking out. I literally walked right by them and Cary looked at me with amused knowledge. Basically I chickened out because I didn't know what to do. He didn't care. He threatened to send me into the same set over and over again until I got over this. I finally went over and spoke to one of the girls after the guy left.

"Hey, my friend and I are out running around, but I don't know any good places to go eat. Could you recommend something?" Functional

This chick then proceeds to go on for 10 minutes about the food in Austin. It turns out it was her passion. Painfully passionate I might add. Dear God, please shut up woman. I thought I was supposed to transition her onto another topic. Not necessarily.

The conversation ended after a few more minutes and I talked to the guy about his band. The first block of my impenetrable tower of game had just been laid.

I did several other sets that night. 18 was the final count. Mixed sets. Two sets. One set where I couldn't tell if the alpha of the group was male or female for the first 3 or 4 minutes (a guy it turns out.) I was so overwhelmed that first night. I couldn't think, let alone blog.

Then it was on to transitions.

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  1. Hey, man, how are you doing? Look, I noticed you haven't posted in a while. How's the game going? Are you keeping up on it?

    FWIW I just bought access to Mark Manson's G3 program. It looks really good. Basically he walks you through game step by step, teaching you what it is and how to do it, and he gives you small exercises each week that incrementally help you build your game, taking only a little larger risk with each step. He totally babies you through this process. I've just started but if you want I can let you know how it's going if you're interested.

    Otherwise, if you're doing great, you should let us know!


    David Casson