Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Eagle Has Landed....Or Taken Off

Just so everyone knows, this post is full of nothing but travel, but I told you that you would see everything I did. The trip has started and the camera is on.

Welcome to Jackson International Airport!!!

No, I'm not kidding. That's the whole thing. Behind me is an escalator leading up to this from the baggage claim. The one baggage claim. It's technically broken up into about 3 sections, but you can barely fit a bus full of people down there.

That's it, services about 4 planes at a time. Anyway, I jumped on that little commuter plane you guys are looking at and headed out. Here's a view from the inside.

You ever been scared for your life? Every ridden in a plane that you can hear the person talking to themselves in the bathroom? Welcome to my commute. I was sitting next to a guy who worked at a correctional facility (prison) in Las Vegas. He did not like having his picture taken by a complete stranger, so I don't have one to show you of him. That's probably for the best. Cool guy though. His cousin had just graduated and was getting into medical school. He was very proud of her.

This is me running with a camera in Dallas - Fort Worth Airport. I say running, because my little commuter plane took off 15 minutes late. Why? Good question. I don't have an answer for you, but it's a good question. God I must have looked like a tourist. Anyway, I had less than five minutes to make my other flight. I had all but abandoned my check in baggage at this point.

To cement my status as the ultimate white tourist with a southern accent in Dallas, I took several shot of how large this airport is from the tram. The prison guy from the other plane was still with me. He had already heard the spiel about the trip on the plane. The guy in front of me there asked me to stop taking pictures. He thought I was intentionally trying to be annoying. I very casually explained that I was heading to Austin to attend a private class on how to meet and pick up girls. About the time he was going to ask me all about it, I promptly ran off to try and make my flight. He actually said bye. Me and the correctional officer parted ways at this point as well. He was heading back home. We were both out of breath, but I think he understood that I was telling him to have a safe trip.

I have literally driven longer to work than it took to fly to Austin. That's ok, I met a few of the Longhorns baseball team on the flight. Nice guys I thought. After I actually got my bag (yes, they pulled it off somehow), I headed to the hotel, and here I am about to have a couple slices of this.
Definitely not primal. I definitely don't care at this point. It's late, and I need some food and some sleep. I move into the residence at 2:00 tomorrow. I'll take some pictures and post them for you guys as soon as I get in.

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