Monday, May 23, 2011

Day by Day

I've had some time to think things through. The day by day hit and miss is a terrible way to go about this.

I could tell you about the first girl I approached when I walked into the coffee shop with Braeden.

Or the drunk girls Carey brought home.

Yes, that's a shake weight and yes we had a lot of fun forcing her to use it. Or I could tell you about the Israeli chick I met working at the mall.

Her name was Leerahn. Leerahn was hot and could hold her own in a conversation. She also did something weird to may arm with salt from the dead sea. It actually made it a different color. And no, I don't care to learn photo editing and probably never will.

I could tell you how annoyed Braeden was with all of my picture taking.

Or where the best place is in Austin to by a Hookah. It's over near Barton Springs mall BTW.

But the reality is that none of that matters. The things that mattered are what happened behind the scenes.

The first girl you saw above was to see how bad my approach anxiety was and how much I actually knew. Didn't do to terrible actually. It also wasn't that good as I found out that she lived with her programmer boyfriend and was an "aspiring" artist.

Or that the goal behind getting the girls home was to show me what girls are actually like when that little voice in their heads finally goes to sleep.

Or how my mission was to start a conversation with a girl who works at the mall and lead the conversation away from work and onto something fun. Not particularly difficult for a PUA, but a nightmare for most guys (if they could even get the courage to approach).

So what is important is what you can't actually see here. So I'll lay it all out for you.

(Comfort - Break Rapport) + Qualification + Sexual Escalation

That's how you get women into bed with you. You have probably done this to people without ever knowing it. Those people were also very likely into you. I'll elaborate tomorrow.

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