Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Day 1 - Part 1 - We're not in Kansas anymore

Guys, I feel like my brain has been flushed out through my feet. I forgot my cell phone cable at the hotel, but I will either pick it up, or replace it for tomorrow. Either way, I'll show you pictures of the place and what we are doing. For now though, I'll just introduce you to some of the concepts they are beating into me and tell you how the day went overall.

Fear not, Pictures ARE coming! The cable just so happens to be the charger as well, so without it, I'm SOL.

I arrived at the apartment around 2:00 pm. I was welcomed by Echrio (japanese guy from SoCal), Braeden, and Justin. Enchiro is the other student who is staying here with me. Justin and Braeden are two of the instructors. We spent the first hour to hour and a half covering what my experience is, what my goals are and whatnot. They put it all together for me in a nice packet and then promptly sent me on my first approach. It went badly. I don't even remember her name at this point, but I do have a picture of her that I'll get up before we start again at 2 tomorrow afternoon. Braeden said he had to watch me approach one girl before he could figure out where to go from there.

She turned out to be an "aspiring" artist who lived with her programmer boyfriend. That means she killing time until her biological clock starts ticking. Nice girl overall, scared the crap out of me though.

Braeden decided that my strongest game would be indirect game. The best way to describe this is you are talking to a girl and suddenly she finds herself in your room and trying to figure out how she landed here.

To get me going, we started discussing the different types of openers: Functional < Compliment < Observational. You'll notice those are in ascending order. That's because the better the opener you choose, the easier the transition will be into a regular conversation.

We received lots of other tips, like never breaking eye contact down. That implies inferior status on a subconscious level. Another is that you have only two boring questions to move into a fun topic before the conversation will start feeling weird. Various things like this came up all throughout the day.

One of the crazier thoughts came from Braeden while we were walking. Have you ever wondered why women find men who are experienced with women attractive? How do they know? What triggers them knowing this stuff? It's in your voice. Men who have experience with women have a density to their communication. They convey a lot in any given sentence. Guys who are like me don't. Women pick up on it almost immediately.

We headed over to the local mall and proceeded to eat pizza and talk about video games, but that didn't last more than 20 minutes. We were back up and opening "sets". I opened roughly 5 girls in the mall.

The first was in a clothing store (Lizzy). I asked her if she could recommend some accessories for my sister that I could give her when I got back. I explained my sister likes big airy dresses with bright colors (usually orange, green, or red). She was actually very helpful. Biggest mistake I made was not introducing Braeden to her when he walked up. Kind of awkward, but he had all the angles covered.

The next girl was in a perfume store (Tina). I don't know why she was sooooooooooooo into perfume, but I couldn't get her to shut up. She pointed out that a lot of guys make the mistake of putting on cologne early and then late in the evening still think they smell good. She recommended you spray some on yourself and put it under a blow dryer for a few minutes to smell what it will smell like later. I ejected with passion.

The next girl was in an accessories shop for women. I had already had some practice with this, so I used the same line from earlier. She (Camile) turned out to be a sales person for dillards and had just gotten off work. She was getting her degree in business and was hoping to make her way up the ladder at her store.

That's not even the best part, but it's my first couple of hours in the field, I'll tell you about the rest tomorrow before we go out for round two. It's 4 and I'm about to fall asleep typing.

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